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    Wow.. His style of surf very extreme.

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With the Indian ocean on the south and west coast and the Pacific Ocean on the north part, Indonesia receive swell and good waves for surfing all around the year.


North Maluku (Morotai ,papua),during the month of December to February , or the `Nusa tengara` islands from Bali to Timor during the inter monsoon month of April-may and October November , come share our 15 years experience and discover the famous and unknown waves of those lost and uncrowded islands…
Lambo is certainly the best way to go `hunting` the wave.


Our favorites surfing cruises :

Cruise from Kupang (Timor) to Komodo or from Komodo to Kupang

Same program than Bali-Komodo but shorter…Time of cruise between 11 to 14 days, April-may or October-November.

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Cruise around Morotai

Start and end in Tobelo (north Almahera) for an adventure surf or discovery around the island of Morotai and the waves of north Almahera… Time of cruise 7 to 14 days December to February.

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